Download Calibre Portable App Free PC, Mac OS, Android, iOS, Linux ✔️

Download Calibre Portable App Free (PC, Mac OS, Android, iOS, Linux)

Calibre Portable is the portable version of the Calibre program. It consists of a program whose function is: to be a manager of electronic books, so it will allow us to store and read the different books that we have, obviously compatible with various formats. A very positive aspect to take into account is that it is a free program that is open source.


📥 Download Instructions🖱️ Update🔧 Requirements🔍 Features💡 What is for?

Download Calibre Portable

To download Calibre Portable you will have to follow the instructions below:

Download Instructions
  1. Run the download from the link provided below
  2. Download Calibre Portable
  3. Accept the permissions of the operating system to run the download.
  4. Allow our operating system to finish the download.
  5. Go to the folder where we have made the download.
  6. If you want to be able to use Calibre Portable on other computers, we recommend that you copy the file to a pen drive (USB).
  7. Now  you can put it on any other device with the Pen Drive (USB)  and use it wherever you want.
  8. You can do the same with a CD, or a memory card.

Calibre Portable Update

The version that we leave you previously to download is the latest available, so if you have a previous version, you can download this file, run it and in this way you will have the updated application, since it is a portable program that does not require installation. So, simply replace your previous executable with the new updated version of Calibre Portable.

Calibre Portable Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows, Linux, Mac
  • Bits: 32 or 64 Bits
  • Memory required: 100 MB

Calibre Portable Features

  • License: Free
  • Version: 15.19.0.
  • Update date: 27/05/2021
  • Languages: Spanish, English, French and 10 more.

It has some very important features to highlight which are the following:

  • Section of Pluggins or complements that we can integrate in the program to increase its functionalities.
  • Possibility to edit or modify the different books that we have through a book editor.
  • Nice interface, and easy to use, we will not have to be experts to use it.
  • It has constant updates that make it compatible with all devices and formats on the market.
  • Own web server where we can store all our electronic books.