Download MecaNet Portable Free (Pc, Linux)

Mecanet Portable

Mecanet Portable is an application that offers a typing course to learn how to type as correctly and quickly as possible. This is a complete course for beginners that helps students to learn to type in a self-taught way and to achieve the proposed typing objectives, mainly to acquire a higher typing speed thanks to the better positioning of the hands-on the keyboard.


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How to download MecaNet Portable

To download MecaNet Portable you need to do the following:

Download Instructions
  1. First, we use the download link provided. This works for both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows.
  2. We click on download MecaNet Portable and wait for the file download to complete.
  3. If the file is compressed in .zip format, extract the folder by right-clicking on the file.
  4. Now we will have a folder with the program that can be transported to any place.
  5. We can start enjoying the advantages offered by MecaNet Portable. The tool works the same way if the folder is located on a pen drive or a USB memory stick. It’s a good way to work.

Install MecaNet Portable

To install MecaNet Portable you have to take into account that a portable version of the tool allows you to take advantage of its functions without taking up space on your PC. With this portable version of MecaNet, it is not necessary to install the program to enjoy all its advantages. It is possible to make use of its features from a pen drive or USB memory, running directly.

MecaNet Portable Requirements

The only requirement to use MecaNet Portable is to have a computer with Windows OS and 5.3 MB of free space on the USB flash drive.

Features of MecaNet

  • Complete course with a total of 20 lessons
  • Provides progress statistics for each topic
  • Allows multiple users
  • Allows opening external texts
  • Custom color options

What is MecaNet for?

  • Learn to type, with the goal of exceeding three hundred keystrokes per minute
  • Track your progress
  • Learn to type without having to look at the keyboard